Build it! Creative Challenge

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Join us for a 10-week building challenge!

This challenge starts right now! 

Here’s how it works.

First you join the challenge for $9.99. Then you’ll receive 10 emails from me that will come to your inbox once a week for 10 weeks. Each email will include 12 creative brick building prompts prompts for you to use throughout the week. The prompts are designed to develop imagination and creativity. Build each day or all at once!

The challenges are guided yet open-ended, giving you the opportunity to create and invent by playing on strengths of the builder. Yay for positive building!

It’s so easy to fall into the “screen trap.” Use the challenges to get your family creating and playing in real life, instead of only in virtual reality.

TOGETHER we will help our kids develop problem solving tools and creativity through play.

This challenge is great for ages 5+. Kids (and adults alike!) can create and build on their own levels. 

Here are some examples of the building prompts you'll receive:

1. Imagine the sky is raining money. Build what you would buy!

2. Build something you could use in the snow.

3. You found a big egg and took it home. It starts to hatch. What’s inside? Bonus: create a habitat where it can live.

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10 weeks of building prompts


Build it! Creative Challenge

0 ratings
I want this!